Large companies employ top executives in sales, operations and finance. They provide the strategies and management expertise required to bring in customers, competitively produce the firm’s products or services and provide the financial management and planning required to maximize the firm’s profitability and growth.

Small and mid-market companies also employ top sales and operations executives, but not financial executives. The majority have bookkeepers or controllers who process financial transactions and generate financial reports, but who cannot provide the financial strategies or offer the level of financial sophistication, problem solving, forecasting and strategic financial management the companies need to maximize profitability and growth.

Companies without a CFO are at a disadvantage. Most small and mid-market firms have sophisticated operations and complex cost and financial challenges just like large companies. They need the expertise of a senior financial executive, but not full time, nor can they afford the cost of a full-time CFO. These firms often seek financial advice from their CPA firms that provide tax, reporting and general financial guidance, but do not have the corporate experience and specialized skills in which CFOs excel.

B2B CFO® provides CFO services on an affordable as-needed basis and is the largest CFO firm in the U.S. focusing on small and mid-market companies. With over 200 partners in 43 states including 5 in the greater Philadelphia area, B2B CFO® provides small and mid-market companies with the financial management they need to grow and prosper.

What are some of the benefits B2B CFO partners bring to small and mid-market companies?

Tools for key decision-making

  • Financial and strategic business plans
  • Accurate, timely, and meaningful financial statements and reports

Profitability and Growth

  • Operations analysis and improvement
  • Cost reduction programs and restructuring
  • Product line and customer profitability analyses

Financing & Cash Improvement

  • Cash forecasts
  • Working capital improvement
  • Venture capital fund raising activities
  • Bank credit lines and debt

Other services

  • Acquisition and divestiture analysis
  • Business exit planning
  • License negotiations
  • Internal controls and process improvement
  • Accounting department design, staff training and development

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