What are you doing to grow your business and increase your profits for this year?

What are you doing to grow your business and increase your profits for this year?  Now that you have your plan finished what can and should you be doing to position your business for greater success.  Rieva Lesonsky in Small Business Operations writes “small business “to do” items for the year” (http://smallbiztrends.com/2013/01/small-business-to-do-items-new-year.html).  She mentions 5 worthwhile suggestions:

1. Get Up to Date on Technology

Assess what you have, figure out what you need and determine how to afford it. You don’t have to go for the latest bells and whistles, but you do need to get technology that can serve your business needs now and grow with your business in the year ahead.

2. Get Mobile

At a minimum, going mobile means you must make sure your business website loads easily on mobile devices from smartphones to tablets.

3. Get Out There

Are you networking as much as you should to keep the new business pipeline full?  Resolve to network with prospective clients both online and off.

4. Get What You’re Worth

Many small business owners, especially those in service industries, struggle with pricing. In today’s economy, the temptation to bid low to get the business is always there.  However, You’d be surprised at how often higher prices can lead to an increase in perceived value—and an increase in sales.

5. Get Help

Entrepreneurs are known for being sure of themselves—so sure, in fact, that they’re often reluctant to ask for assistance or advice. But getting insights from someone outside your business can make a big difference in whether you put your business on the right road or go down the wrong path.

In addition  to mentors or advisors , look for seasoned professionals in Finance, Marketing,  IT or Human Resources that can fill in the strategic areas that you or your company are lacking.  Too often small businesses have a mid-level generalist in their support areas whom could really benefit from support or insight from a more senior and experienced person.

Finally, to really increase your likelihood of success, write down your goals and/or specific tasks and measure yourself regularly against them.

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