WestChester Doctor develops succesful business

Debra Kimless-Garber, a good friend and former client has received some well-deserved attention and recognition for her growing business in the West Chester area. Elizabeth Wellington, Philadelphia Inquirer Fashion Writer describes the innovative products created in “Mirror, Mirror: ‘Like contact lenses for breasts’ A W. Chester doctor has created Breast Shapers, which offer women a natural look.” (click here to read the article)
“Debra Kimless-Garber, a breast cancer survivor, wants to get this straight: Breast Shapers should not be confused with the silicone enhancers we fashionistas call chicken cutlets. They may be fashioned from silicone, too, but the West Chester doctor’s invention gives breasts a smooth, round shape, instead of pushing them up for cleavage’s sake.
Along with inventing Breast Shapers, Kimless-Garber designed and patented a line of polyrayon spandex compression tanks and T’s with built-in bras. Polyrayon spandex feels soft against sensitive postoperative skin, and provides compression to manage the pain that most breast cancer survivors liken to missing-limb syndrome.
The line is called Red Thread because a red thread is sewn into every shirt and bra for good luck and is available at 20 boutiques nationwide and at www.redthreadbydrdeb.com.
The concept is a good one. With 2.6 million women either diagnosed, in recovery, or surviving from breast cancer in the United States, the idea of shape-wear designed especially for breast cancer survivors seems like a no-brainer. “
As with most entrepreneurs Kimless-Garber has combined her expertise (medical background), passion (helping others) and life experience (cancer survivor) into a successful business. She has identified an underserved niche market and created innovative quality products and now has a growing successful business.

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