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Jim’s Bio

Jim is an extremely diversified financial executive with over 23 years of operational, corporate and non-profit financial experience. He has overseen the finances of the entire United States in management services for facilities in the K-12 Market for Sodexo. Jim was the CFO and later elevated to the CEO position for the Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial in Camden, NJ. a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) organization. In addition, as a consultant working with Comcast-Spectacor Charities (nationally known as The Flyers Wives Charities), Jim reorganized the financial role and provided strategic and operational expertise to the organization. This led to his future role as VP and Corporate Controller for Comcast-Spectacor, (owner of the Philadelphia Flyers) and over $500M of annual ancillary sales from its other entities in the entertainment industry. He also had extensive background with finance and operations in the restaurant industry.

Jim takes an aggressive approach to maximizing, stabilizing and growing the long-term cash flow needs of companies and organizations. He works with operations to understand the critical variables of profitability in each organization. He excels at creating tools and cultivating a culture that makes non-financial people “financial”.

Jim, as proven through his diversified work experience, is able to quickly acclimate to and understand the particular nuances of the company and the market that it operates in. He quickly becomes ingrained into the culture of the company so that he is looked at as a catalyst for growth and improvement rather than a threat. He has a high energy level, high standards for his own personal work output and production along with the creativity to present multiple options that meet the individual needs of his client.

Jim’s strengths are in his astute problem solving, operational and financial analysis skills. He prides himself in his ability to make things happen and make an immediate positive impact. Other areas of expertise include:

o Budgeting — Zero-based and activity based

o Forecasting -both monthly and weekly when necessary

o Cost Controls, reduction and identifying cost savings opportunities

o Operational and Financial Analysis

o Cash Flow Management, Opportunities and Stabilization

o Total Outsourcing Process from both the client and the vendor perspectives

o Business Valuation — for prospective purchases or sales

o Non-Profit Management — Operational Controls, 501(c)( 3) adherence, grant management, proposals and tracking

o Merger Management

o Profit and Cost Center breakdown

Experiences and Key Achievements


VP & Corporate Controller Role

o Standardized client contract acquisition and investment analysis across all entities in order to increase profitability and minimize risk company-wide.

o Revised Travel & Entertainment Policy throughout organization. IMPACT: resulted in $450,000 in savings vs. budget in the first 6 months.

o Streamlined internal reporting process which allowed a reduction in month end closes from nine business days to five days. IMPACT: Met and exceeded the reporting requirements of parent company Comcast. Provided for quicker identification of results and opportunities for improvement for senior management.

Consultant Role

o Involved in re-engineering primary processes and procedures within the assigned organization as they related to financial controls, strategic planning and operations.

o Role included company valuations and analysis for potential mergers and acquisitions. Reported directly to Chief Financial Officer of Comcast-Spectacor; Detailed Financial Modeling, Negotiations with Principals.

Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial

o Drove Organizational Culture Change. Created a vision and operating strategy, applying financial planning and analysis to a broad range of business problems and leading the Battleship to achieve financial controls, obligations and objectives. IMPACT: Forecasted and achieved a positive variance to budget in operating income, in spite of the shortfall in income due to economy and funding.

o Built a Best Practices Operations Infrastructure. Architect behind a planned layoff process that reduced staff, re-engineered the organization and increased productivity while protecting revenue streams. IMPACT: Reduced total expenses 37% over the previous year, while reinvigorating morale of 300+ volunteer programs, strengthening collaboration and utilizing a coach/mentor approach to build a desire for excellence.

o Positioned the Battleship for Growth. Created new business and marketing roadmap, focusing on core donors, drawing attention to member benefits and fundraising events to make donor value, as well as identifying new opportunities. IMPACT: Generated multiple new streams of revenue through outsourcing the Gift Shop, launch of Battleship brand red and white wine, as well as new waterfront shuttle service that significantly increased tour attendance.

o Identified & Prepared Key Financial Data. Key driver in formulating a plan to refine the organization’s reporting and analysis environment to produce accurate reporting for all the financial matters to internal and external audiences. IMPACT: Completely rebuilt budget and forecast system into zero- based, activity-based process. Changes included profit and cost-center breakdown and department head involvement in budgeting and forecasting process.

o Played Pivotal Role as Strategic Team Member. Acted as more than "the finance person," providing well-organized operational controls and procedures, and directing initiatives to ensure financial strength and operating efficiency. IMPACT: Reviewed and restructured liability and property insurance policies, increasing coverage and delivering 33% savings. Outsourced Retail Operations, generating $100K annual increase in profitability. Renegotiated medical and life insurance plans, minimizing year-over-year increases and adding short & long-term liability options for employees.

o Imparted Vision & Financial Discipline throughout the Organization. Demonstrated strong understanding of what drives the expenses in a not-for-profit environment and ability to be proactive about cost identification and containment. IMPACT: Created standardization of all financial policies, processes and practices, and established proactive cost control strategies to maximize efficiency and cash flow. Reduced Accounts Payable balance by 85.4%.

o Imparted Vision & Financial Discipline throughout the Organization. Demonstrated strong understanding of what drives expenses in a not-for-profit environment and ability to be proactive about cost identification and containment. IMPACT: Created standardization of all financial policies, processes and practices, and established proactive cost control strategies to maximize efficiency and cash flow. Reduced Accounts Payable balance by 85.4%.

Sodexo Services

o Provided Value-Added Business Insight & Contributions. Ensured that resources, direction and internal controls and financial processes existed to achieve timely and accurate reporting of all financial matters. IMPACT: Simplified and standardized processes and procedures across all functional areas, successfully bringing together the best in people and process.

o Expanded National Market Share, Revenues & Profitability. Demonstrated strong business perspective, strategic thinking skills, and the ability to generate and implement creative ideas to achieve growth objectives. IMPACT: Cultivated, negotiated and structured multiple large accounts, generating $300M + profits annually for Sodexo.

o Enhanced Internal Controls and Financial Processes. Developed “user-friendly” location and operational analysis financial tools for field operations support and corporate financial analysis functions. Trained and counseled Senior VP’s on financial implications and investment analysis at the unit level. IMPACT: Division achieved 94.1% current accounts receivable ratio (Current + 1-30 days) for two years over prior history of 83.7%.

o Demonstrated Strong Business Acumen, Analytical & Strategic Thinking Skills. Applied financial savvy to a broad range of business problems and devised creative solutions to ensure all compliance and regulatory requirements were met. IMPACT: Successfully merged Division financials and disparate “operational cultures” of three distinct companies: Sodexo, Gardner Merchant, and Morrison’s. Additionally, served as Divisional Transition Lead in acquisition of Gardner Merchant/Morrison Services ($400M) and Marriott International Contract Services ($3.7B).

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