Dispelling Financial Statement Myths – Myth # 2

Last time we looked at Financial Statement Myth #1: Financial statements are just history; I manage my business forward. The banks and tax men can use the financials but they aren’t much use to me. We learned that using your statements were critical in managing your business forward because they are the foundation to your… Read more »

Dispelling Financial Statement Myths – Myth #1

For successful companies, timely and accurate financial statements are the cornerstone of sound financial management. While the information is historical, it provides information critical to the management of any business. The power of these numbers comes alive through meaningful comparisons and analysis. Yet there are many business owners and operators who miss the opportunity to… Read more »

Are You Working IN Your Business or ON Your Business?

Entrepreneurs and small business owners often tell me that they simply don’t have time to focus on growing their business because they are immersed in their business. These are the same people who started their business with a strong vision of what they wanted to build, and then went about building it. But somewhere along… Read more »

Disclosing Financial Information to Employees

As an “on demand CFO” I work with a lot of small companies across various industries.  When talking with business owners and CEOs they often struggle with whether to present financial information to all employees and then how much financial information. A recent Blog by Kevin Daum “10 things Really amazing employees do” ( http://www.inc.com/kevin-daum/10-things-really-amazing-employees-do.html)… Read more »