Taking Financial Control of Your Company

Many emerging and mid-market companies have basic accounting systems. They have a bookkeeper, maybe even a Controller. They have an accounting system – probably QuickBooks, or possibly a more advanced product. What they usually don’t have – and what for many is a major weakness – is a coordinated Financial Process. Jim Collins, entrepreneurial author… Read more »

Top 5 CFO Services

It’s often assumed “CFO services” are similar, if not the same, as those services provided by a CPA or bookkeeping firm.  The services are complementary, and really have very little overlap.   Below are what I consider the Top 5 CFO Services, and as you’ll see, they do not included preparing your tax returns or… Read more »

The “5 C’s of Credit” What Do They Mean to Your Small Business Loan?

One of the most common questions among small business owners seeking financing is: “What will the bank look for from me and my business?” While every bank has its own unique criteria, many use some variation of “the five C’s of credit” when making credit decisions. Broadly speaking, they are: Character Cash Flow Collateral Capitalization,… Read more »

Increasing Sales

Most business owners want to increase sales. Our goal is to assist in that area. Business owners can usually increase sales significantly if they are allowed to spend time in what we at B2B CFO® call “Finding Activities.” Finding activities are those events that allow an owner to be a visionary, idea generator and a… Read more »

The Excel Experience™

What would it mean for your business to be considered Best in Class?  To be the benchmark that other companies try and emulate?  How do you view your competition?  Do you tolerate your competition? Or would you rather crush them?  Are you playing the business game to play?  Or are you playing to win? The… Read more »