Small Business Loans

Approaching a bank for a small business loans for the first time can be an intimidating experience. Remember, the bank wants to loan you money if you qualify.  One way to improve your chances of being approved for a loan is to be prepared beforehand with the information and documentation the bank will request. Research… Read more »

Put People Before Profit

In these very tenuous and difficult economic times, the importance of profitability becomes tantamount. Without profit, positive cash flow, which is the lifeblood of any business, can quickly dry up and cause significant difficulty even in basic operations. This is especially true when the availability of credit seems to be evaporating before our eyes. Profitability… Read more »


Are you passionate about your business or career?  If not, you may need a “WHY.” Following is a video on our recently published WHY. Does Our Why Benefit You? At B2B CFO, we work to improve business owners’ lives because we believe they are all unique and important to society.  We help them achieve their… Read more »

Producing an Effective Strategic Dashboard

Performance management dashboards have proven to be a valuable addition to financial management systems. When correctly implemented, dashboards can generate significant value by providing the link that connects management’s strategic intent to actual business performance. The first step to implementing an effective dashboard begins at a strategic level. Step 1 is to identify two or… Read more »

15 Ways to Invite an IRS Audit

There’s no reason to pay more tax than is legally required, but there’s also no reason to make yourself a target for an Internal Revenue Service audit or to get your return flagged by the IRS’ computers, which match billions of documents each year. So consider what situations might make you more … Read More… Read more »