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Increasing Your Company Value

Whether you’re selling your Company or not, every owner wants to increase the value of their business…  Questions is:  Just how to do it in a cash-rich, profitable way?  The key is to build your business with ‘The End in Mind’.

Increasing the value of your business falls into four categories:

  • Keep Focused & Minimize Distractions,
  • Increase & Diversify Sales,
  • Improve Business Processes & Efficiencies, and
  • Increase Your Brand.

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What Has She Been Doing?

Eli-Headshot-EditedFinalCloseUpIn the last year, I transitioned out of my banking career and into an entirely new direction with B2B CFO®. It has been very rewarding, and I really feel that I have found my calling. What I loved about my job as a CFO of a bank was being able to help business owners.…

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