Month: May 2013

What’s the Owners Role in Selling a Central PA Business?

Have you ever wondered what the owners role is in selling the business? This sounds straight forward, huh? Well the owner needs to continue building the business while the sale takes place. The Exit Planning Process, done right, can take time. During the initial phase, you must access the potential selling price relative to the… Read more »

Dispelling Financial Statement Myths – Myth # 3

In the last several weeks we have examined two of the common myths that small business owners have about financial statements. Those were: Myth #1: Financial statements are just history; I manage my business forward. The banks and tax accountants can use the financials but they aren’t much use to me. Myth #2: I don’t… Read more »

Measuring Productivity

I was recently asked by another business owner as to what is “the best way” to measure employee utilization or productivity in his business.  In my opinion measuring utilization is the most important strategic metric in the service industry for companies that are engaged in providing IT, engineering, legal, accounting and other service focused work.… Read more »