Month: September 2012


Large companies employ top executives in sales, operations and finance. They provide the strategies and management expertise required to bring in customers, competitively produce the firm’s products or services and provide the financial management and planning required to maximize the firm’s profitability and growth. Small and mid-market companies also employ top sales and operations executives,… Read more »

Announcement: Morgan Stanley Smith Barney now has a national alliance with B2B CFO®

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney has announced a new national alliance with B2B CFO®, the largest CFO services firm in the United States. This agreement provides an innovative blueprint for a coordinated effort to meet both the corporate and personal wealth management needs of privately held businesses and their owners. The relationship, formalized through Morgan Stanley… Read more »

CFO Philadelphia – What, no more Budgeting?

The article “Freed from the Budget” in the September 2012 edition of CFO Magazine advocates doing away with the process of preparing an annual budget. The following are excerpts from the articles listing compelling reasons why to do away with the process and what a company should do instead of an annual budget: 10 Reasons… Read more »

CFO Philadelphia – 5 Key Metrics All Businesses should Measure

In the September 2012 edition of Inc. Magazine, the article “What Private Equity Investors Want: 5 Metrics” written by Ed Powers discusses  5 measurements an investor uses to gauge the health of a company. I found them to be very relevant metrics to measure the health for any business.  The following are the excerpts from the… Read more »